Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another beautiful cover ruined by a postal worker

I received this wonderful FDC cover from Ouari in Algeria, back in January of this year.
I just wanted to show you how frustrating it can sometimes be when untrained postal workers handle the mail.
Ouari, not only, took the time to make up this cover but he also took the extra precaution to send it by registered mail.
Final result, some idiot put the registration label right on the artwork of the cover. I carefully tried to remove it but believe me these labels are designed to permanentely stay on.
My thanks go out to Ouari with the recommendation to all interested in exchanging with me NOT TO send any covers REGISTERED.


  1. actually the registered labels actually make the cover more interesting. if you notice, there is not other place to place the label as the entire envelope is covered bystamps and artwork.

  2. Bonjour,
    Moi aussi je préfere le recommendé(registered) cela prouve le le joli cover a vraiment voyagé

  3. As per your comment Jun, this is not entirely true because the label could have been affixed to the back of the envelope thus preserving the artwork.
    It just goes to prove that postal workers should have some sort of philatelic training before handling mail.