Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year to all!

Well friends, a lot has happened since my last post on this blog.

Last September I decided to go back to school and enrolled in a Masters programme at the University of Montreal in Environment and Sustainable Development and we also moved out of our house of 11 years into an apartment, closer to the campus and Montreal.

As you can see, many changes that kept me away from this blog and other projects. I did receive some covers from people around the world and I will be posting them very soon. To those people I say thank you and assure them of an answer in the very near future. Although classes will begin very soon again, I intend to dedicate some quality time to this blog and rekindle friendships made through this blog. Do not hesitate to communicate with me for my new address and establish interesting contacts in the future.

So, may 2010 bring you everything you wish for and mostly health and joy.


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